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Design “Zoom” Twin Stroller – Graphite Gray
The joy at the birth of twins or a little brother cannot simply be described.

However, these double joy packages (twins) also bring some difficulties…

The role of the stroller in family life is becoming more important than ever.

“ZOOM” twin or two child stroller; It allows you to maintain the freedom and flexibility you love.

It has a design that can be used with both a sitting unit, a carrycot and a car seat… Thanks to this design, both babies / children can see outside comfortably and they will enjoy traveling with health and safety since they will be at almost the same height.

It will provide you with the advantage of being able to drive comfortably on the sidewalks due to its single-row form, and will save you additional space due to its compact folding shape and easy removal of its wheels.

With Zoom, your children or twins will be able to both have fun and explore the world together …

They will be able to look at each other, laugh and play games or look at you or sit and enjoy the view… Finally, when they get tired, they will be able to sleep comfortably…


I will be your companion.

Your baby can always be with you …

Is traveling by car a part of your life? Then take your car seat with you. In just a few simple steps, you can integrate your car seat with your Salsa 4 stroller and turn it into a travel system.

* A suitable adapter is required for the bouncer.


· I stop the world for you.

Is it time for a break? Practical and easily functioning parking brakes prevent slipping.

It is very easy and quick to disengage the brake.


· You can sleep with me safely.

The world is an exciting place, but if babies don’t get enough sleep they will be powerless for exploration. With an adjustable backrest, height-adjustable footrest system and an included carrycot for your newborn babies, it easily puts your baby in sleep mode.


· I think creatively.

Accessories for Best Comfort;

Many accessory choices create the identity of your stroller

While some accessories provide perfect ventilation, some accessories protect your baby from the sun, warm and offer your baby all kinds of comfort.


· I can shrink myself.

Salsa 4 can fit in the smallest car trunk. Not every car trunk has enough space to carry a stroller. You can fold all ABC Design Baby Car models to save space. To achieve an even more compact size, you can save considerable space by removing the wheels at the touch of a button.


· I’m your happy travel companion.

Optimal driving comfort for you and your child

Driving a stroller is hard work. But not in our stroller. Matching ball bearings wheel’s driving particles are very smooth and effective. Integrated wheel suspensions provide comfortable driving pleasure on unstable and bumpy roads.


· I support you.

Healthy sitting / lying for your baby …

Your baby discovers the world with you, whether asleep or sitting. The adjustable backrest offers an ergonomic sitting and lying position optimized for your baby’s comfort.

I also think of Mommy and Daddy.

We designed it by taking into account the height differences.

Short or long; Nobody has to suffer due to “Posture Disorders” while using a stroller. With its adjustable handle length, the stroller can be adapted to your height.


· Every day is an adventure with you.

There can be no obstacle to your driving pleasure.

The roads are difficult for strollers. Slaloms in supermarkets or obstacles in the streets. These are no longer a problem for you. Even in the tightest bends, turning wheels provide optimum maneuverability.


· I’ll take care of you.

Perfect support and protection for your baby…

If your baby can’t stay still, don’t worry. With the 5-link seat belt, your baby is optimally secured against falls or slips out of the seat.


· I protect you.

Excellent protection against harmful sun rays

Summer is the period when we spend the most time with a stroller. Therefore, it is important to protect babies from sunlight and heat. With its wide sunshade (awning), our stroller protects your baby from the sun and provides shade.


· I thought of everything.

Accessories options offer solutions to all your needs.

Practical, simple and smart: you can attach accessories such as an umbrella, bottle holder, foot protector case, multi-functional organizer bag directly to your baby’s stroller. ABC Design accessories; There are four attachment points on either side that attach to the seat or arm.


· You can overcome difficulties with me …


Weather is not always reliable. But you can trust your stroller. The sun can take a break with this waterproof protection.


Technical details

Item Weight

17,3 kg

Carry Cot and Car seat

(Mom’s lap)

Sold as an accessory

Compatible Car Seats (Motherboards)

ABC Design Hazel
ABC Design Doozy
Cybex Aton, Aton M, Aton 5, Aton Q, Aton Q Plus, Aton Q i-size, Cloud Q, Cloud Q Plus
Kiddy Evolution pro, Evolution pro 2, Evolunafix
Maxi Cosi Citi, CabrioFix, Pebble, Pebble Plus


Length 105 cm x Width 63 cm

Closed: Height 87 cm x Depth 65 cm x Width 42 cm

Seating Unit Back: Length 46 cm x Width 29 cm

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