Convers Airmax 0-36 kg 360 ° Rotatable Car Seat with Isofix Bordeaux

Convers Airmax 0-36 kg 360 ° Rotatable Car Seat with Isofix Bordeaux


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* Usage Range: 0 – 36 Kg (0 Months – 10 Years)

* SIP (Side Impact Protection) technology protects your child from side impacts and provides extra comfort and support thanks to the headrest.

* Soft cushioned side wings

* Belt guides that prevent the seat belt from turning and protect the sheath

* Centrally adjustable 5 point seat belt system

* Special non-slip shock-absorbing breast pads on the seat belt

* Belt system that gets longer as the length of your seat increases (In other words, when the seat grows with your child, the belts also get longer)

* Quality belts that can be easily adjusted and lengthened.

* Safe and easy installation with ISOFIX (Direct connection to your vehicle’s chassis)

* Strongest body structure (ECGS) system ever made, reinforced with steel profiles

* Made of high quality special fabric that is difficult to stain. It can be easily removed and installed.

* Summer winter pad system (pad can be used on both sides. (Colored part is summer, black part is winter)

* CLIMACOOL technological fabric. As soon as you sweat

* Thanks to the AİR air panels, your child’s journey will be much more comfortable and healthy.

* Thanks to its wider and larger body structure compared to its competitors, it can be used with the pad even when your child grows up, and your child’s comfort will never deteriorate.

* Safety is the most important issue in car seats,

This is why our engineers work a lot on collisions.

* Body size protects its structure from the back to the waist. Thanks to this feature, it means that it protects your baby and child more than any possible blows by fully grasping it.

* At the same time, better grasp of your child means maximum comfort.

* SIP (Side Impact Protection) technology also provides extra protection against impacts.

* Specially designed for use for 0-9 months, which is thought for your baby’s safe and uninterrupted sleep comfort.

* System with very solid chassis, specially protected against impacts

* Thanks to 360 degrees rotation and self-locking at every 45 degrees. While seating your child on the seat, you can easily seat and lock it by turning it towards the door and bring it back to its original position without difficulty.

* Even if you are cruising, when your child is hungry, you can turn towards yourself and have fun with him.