Turbo Cap 3 Doors Wardrobe


Turbo Cap 3 Doors Wardrobe


Turbo Cap 3 Doors Wardrobe

In Cargo 20 January 2022 - 4 February 2022



My imagination knows no boundaries …

Rooms are important for children. Imagination worlds develop here and they become happy here. Play the most exciting games with friends here and learn new things here. Turbo Cap was designed from here. It is a creative room set that offers many useful modular options considering the needs of your child with useful and creative furniture.


Turbo Cap Car Bedstead looks like a real car with its three-dimensional wheels and embossed surface. It is a very comfortable, fully orthopedic bed and a bed that your child will love to use. It offers fun options to your child with its remote control with its light and voice feature. You can use the lights as a night light if you wish.


Turbo Cap is produced with two different room concepts. It is suitable for every room with its three-door and two-door wardrobe option. Shelf gaps are designed in ergonomic height structure suitable for children. Colorful visual designs produced with special printing techniques; It is made of durable materials that are healthy and suitable for long years of use.


With the study unit you can buy in two different sizes, you can improve your room according to your needs. The size of the study table is designed in ideal sizes for your child. The table part in the large working unit can be used for different needs in the room thanks to its wheels.


You can design your room in vivid colors with accessory options. It is very easy to create a bright space in your room with Ceiling Lighting, Lampshade and Floor Lamp. If you wish, we have a choice of carpet in two different sizes designed with the room.


Turbo Cap Car Bed; It is designed in two different colors, red and white. It is a room set that girls and boys love.

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