Pompom Star Babynest 5-piece Set


Pompom Star Babynest 5-piece Set


Moody Babys Pompom Star Babynest 5-piece Set

In Cargo 24 September 2021 - 11 October 2021


Moody Babys Stroller Cover and Inner Pillow

Set Content: Babynest, Pompom Pique Cover, Cloud Pillow, Star Pillow, Head Pillow (Gift)

Product features
Size; Length: 80cm Width.45cm Height: 17cm

1st Quality Beaded Fiber
It monitors your baby’s movements during sleep. It is shaped according to the head and neck and
gives the necessary support. It provides a superior comfort and homogeneous heat distribution.

6cm Sponge Thickness
It contributes 100% to Baby Spine Development with 27dns Stiffness standard.

No Silicone Mixture
It does not disintegrate, deform or deform.

Guaranteed product in accordance with European standards and OEKO-TEX-100 criteria.

Usage Features
Suitable for 2 Years
You can use our products actively until your baby is about 2 years old.

100% Cotton Fabric
It is made of 100% organic cotton and anti-bacterial fabric is used.

Absorbs Sweat and Moisture
A fabric that absorbs moisture and steam is used. It does not make the baby sweat.

Does Not Host Dust Mites
Keeps your baby away from harmful mites in the house. It does not contain dust.


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