My House Kids Room


My House Kids Room


My House Kids Room

In Cargo 27 September 2021 - 12 October 2021


Our children need their own space and freedom while they sleep and play. They are happy to have the opportunity to express themselves in a room where they can move freely. My house provides the freedom space your children need with its 90 * 200 roofed bed frame tree house concept. Moreover, with its two drawers under the bed, it offers a more useful and fun room instead of narrowing the living space of our child.

The drawers in the My House Roofed Bedstead create extra storage space.
It is made of Colorado and grain color compressed 18mm and 25mm 1st quality chipboard material in accordance with E1 standard.
Silent, slower, full opening, tandem drawer rail system
ABS material healthy pvc handle
High weight carrying capacity 8mm thick drawer bases that can be inserted into the channel
It does not contain carcinogenic substances.
The brown roof textile completing the concept is velcro, easy to put on and take off and is washable.
The fabric used is 100% cotton.


My house series offers you two different wardrobe options according to the layout of your room. Both products offer a very large storage space. If you do not have a shortage of space in your room, you can choose the My house 3-door wardrobe. The left side of our 3-door cabinet is the shelves and the right side is the hanger. It offers the opportunity to place your items regularly with its very wide shelf spaces and the hanger length covering two doors. In addition, sensor led lights on the hanger provide lighting inside the cabinet when the door is opened.


It consists of 18mm 1st quality chipboard material compressed with Colorado and grain color complying with the E1 standard.
8 mm thick groove backs
Silent retarder hinge system
Wardrobe Clothes Hanger With Led Light Motion Sensor
ABS material healthy pvc handle


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