Chicco Baby Hug 4 In 1 Bouncer – Cradle

Chicco Baby Hug 4 In 1 Bouncer – Cradle


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Product Description: Baby Hug 4 in 1 can be used as a cradle, upgradeable home bouncer, seat and desk chair to accompany you and your baby at any time of the day from birth to 36 months.
Product features:

CABINET THAT CAN BE USED ALL-DAY: Baby Hug 4in1 is a comfortable solution for sleeping times with its shape that hugs the baby.
ELECTRONIC TOY BAR: Baby Hug 4in1 has a fun toy bar that will make your baby curious. Equipped with many activities such as sounds (6 sleep music and 6 fun music), lights and 3 soft toys to entertain your baby during playtime. Mesh windows provide excellent ventilation.
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Baby Hug 4in1 is height adjustable in all 4 configurations. With its comfortable pedal, it allows you to set the best height you need to keep an eye on your baby at all times.
ROLLABLE SEAT: Thanks to the adjustable toy bar and safety belt, your baby can have fun safely.
INTERIOR SHRINKER: With its soft backed and removable inner shrinker, Baby Hug 4in1 provides maximum comfort for your baby.
LAYABLE BACK: The back can be tilted in 3 different levels to ensure the comfort of the baby. Using the backrest in a reclined position can help the baby with reflux.
PRACTICAL FOOD CHAIR: From the 6th month, the Baby Hug 4in1 can be converted into a feeding chair to make your life easier at feeding times. Thanks to its adjustable height, it easily adapts to the tables.
4 WHEELS: With its 4 brake wheels, Baby Hug can be transported easily and safely anywhere in the 4in1ev.
FIRST SEAT: If you lower the Baby Hug 4in1 to the minimum level, your baby can use it as its first seat during playtime, painting, looking at his books.
WASHABLE COVER: The cover can be removed and washed.
Baby Hug received the “Innovation Award” in the “world of kids furniture” category at the 4in1 Cologne Fair.
Item Weight: 10,2 Kg
Product Dimensions: Open Dimensions: H 88/122 cm x L 60 cm x P 85 cm Closed Dimensions: H 60 cm x L 60 cm x P 85 cm


24 Hours Easy Life with 4 in 1 Solution!

Why Choose:
* With the practical Baby Hug 4in1 nursery that can be adjusted with a single movement, your baby is comfortable throughout the day from birth to 36 months.

It offers 4 different usage options:
* Comfortable crib (0-6 months)
* Reclining seat from birth (0-6 months)
* Practical high chair (6-36 months)
* First seat (6-36 months)

• The most accurate height for the baby can be easily adjusted in all 4 configurations with its comfortable pedal.
• It has an electronic toy bar with light and music for your baby to have fun.
• It can be moved easily at home with its 4 practical brake wheels.
• It is very comfortable with its removable and washable inner shrinker.
• It turns into a comfortable and safe high chair at meal times. Can be easily moved closer to the table
• Its backrest can be easily tilted.
• The lining can be removed and machine washed.

Item Name: Baby Hug 4in1
Brand: Chicco
Brand Owned Country: Italy
Standard to suit:
Place of Production: China
Age Range: 0-36 months
Carrying Capacity: 30 Kg