Baby moses basket bassinet, Open


Baby moses basket bassinet, Open


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In Cargo 24 September 2021 - 11 October 2021





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Production time 5-7 days
length: 27,55 inches (70 сm) – width: 13,77 inches (35 cm)

Standard included:
Moses basket • Mattress • Pillow

The parents always dream the best, most special and beautiful things for their baby. For happy and healthy babies, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to their sleep. Make your babies a present of sweet dreams with our handmade moses baskets.

We offer you more than 50 color options. You can choose the color that you want from the color chart (please, look at the last product photos).

Product overview:
● Material: 100% pure cotton, wood base
● length: 27,55 inches (70 сm) – width: 13,77 inches (35 cm):
● Suitable for babies up to 9 months (depending on the baby size):
● Maximum weight of baby up to 17Lb (8 kg):
● Bassinet depth: 8 inches (20 cm):
● Mattress thickness: 1.5 inches (4 cm):

Also Lux Fair Shop provides astonishing baby moses baskets in similar design:

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