Yoyko Elegance Travel System

Yoyko Elegance Travel System Baby Stroller 3 in 1 Gray Silver


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Yoyko Elegance Travel System Baby Stroller 3 in 1 Gray Silver

The most valuable asset, our health and our specially produced yoyko baby stroller are now in Turkey for safety!
All eyes will be on your baby with its modern, durable and lightweight special production sports case!
No more tire bursts and problems with the special stuffed wheeled stroller!
Your baby is carefully protected with the special adjustable extra UV filter shade!
With the two-way system, your baby is very comfortable and comfortable!
Enters all luggage with little space and folding on it!

* Aluminum Construction
* Sturdy, Light and Stylish Appearance
* Multifunctional with its special drinker and safety wristband
* Two-sided use thanks to its easy-to-fit feature
* Special Z Design performance enhancing design
* Seating unit that can be adjusted to 3 different positions
* Special Suspended front steel unbreakable entry wheels
* Anti-vibration blast-proof oversized rear wheels (steel unbreakable bar)
* All wheels are very easy to take off and install
* Front wheels can be easily locked in one direction
* 360 degree rotating wheels, easy to use
* Sitting unit that can also be used as a carrycot
* Extra-filled mat for use in the first months of the baby (0-6 months)
* You Can Easily Assemble And Take Out The Bouncer.
* You can mount the main carriage in both directions
* Easy to use with 4-level awning system
* 5 Point Seat Belts
* Soft Pad on Shoulder Straps
* Backrest adjustable to multiple positions,
* Removable and easy to install leather front bar
* Wide and Convenient Lower Basket
* Double Stitched Durable Material
* Brake / Lock System on Rear Wheels
* Easy powerful brake system with foot control
* Creating an extra canopy with a special sunshade awning
* Luxury appearance with quality awning, easy to use
* Thanks to the side structure that can be opened specially, you can open the ventilation on summer days, you can provide thermal insulation by keeping it closed on normal days.
* Ergonomic, Durable, Soft Handle
* Adjustable According to Parent Height
* Less space when folded
* Folding feature while on the upper unit, taking up less space by separating if desired
* Extra sunbathing and viewing window on the awning


* Item Weight: 10.8kg
* Carrying Capacity: 25kg
* The ability to stand upright

Car Seat:
ECE R44 / 04 certified
Group 0+ (for babies up to 13 kg)
Can be used as a carrying seat, car seat and mother lap,
Aluminum carrying handles
Special extra soft mat,
Head protection design puff mat
Shock absorbing seat belt pads
Adjustable belt height adjustment
Creating an extra canopy with a special sunshade awning
Carrying handle that can be used in 3 different positions (transport position, fixed position, swing position)

Product Weight: 2.8 kg
Payload: 13 kg