Travel System Baby Stroller Black

Travel System Baby Stroller Black


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Joell 860 Gold Xari Travel Travel System Baby Stroller Black


Special Shock Absorber Case Structure
The mothers who use the Joell XariTravel System Baby Stroller are very satisfied with its practical, easy and comfortable use.
In addition to being taken with practical folding, the ability to stand when it comes.
Ergonomic, soft case handle that can be adjusted to 12 levels, can be stored inside when folded.
You can easily fold and fold your stroller even using the carrycot or baby carriage feature.
Extra large and ‘lower basket option.
It has a braking system that provides easy locking from a single point.
With its high structure and the chassis handle bar, eye contact with the baby is not interrupted in approximately all uses in 12 different ways.
There is no finger jamming with the keys that facilitate Beb of the sitting unit and the main lap.
With the fly screen integrated into the upper tent, you protect your baby from the annoying insects outside.
Thanks to its cup holder integrated into the chassis, it provides increased comfort.
From newborn use inner pad.
Soft and comfortable walking on shaky floors thanks to the shock absorber system in the front elements that maximizes the impact emulsion
Ordering an extra large back piece with anti-vibration soft padding.
All inspections are easily removed and installed in one point.
Prior information can be transmitted with a single action to be obtained.
High maneuverability thanks to 360 degree rotating inspection.

Foot cover unit that protects your baby from cold by preventing heat change in the inner structure in cold weather conditions.
With the 4-level awning system, you are protected from the negative effects of sunlight.
High security travel opportunity for your baby with 5-point safety system.
Thanks to the belt shoulder covers and connection point cover, your baby’s body does not come into contact with an irritating surface in any way.
Arched backrest unit that can be adjusted automatically.
Front bar that can be removed and installed in parallel with your baby’s growth.
Made of high quality, breathable fabric and adjustable to the belt level, extra padded inner protection pad for the baby’s use in the first months.
A special tent extender that can be hidden in the inner structure.
Looking at the Mother
Facing forward
It can be used in the form of a carrycot.

Bouncer Features:

Adapters for using the baby carriage and the baby carriage together as a travel set are included in the sealed package.
Comfortable journeys thanks to the sun-blocking awning.
You can easily use it facing backwards in your car travels.
You can remove and attach the Xari boom, which fits perfectly to the chassis, in a single action from a single point.
The sweating level is minimized thanks to the breathable fabric and the inner use pad made of padding, which enables use from the newborn.
Thanks to the padded shoulder, head and waist protection pad, your baby is comfortable and safe in possible jolts.
You can comfortably use the soft padded bouncer handle at 3 different levels.
You protect your baby from the annoying insects in the outdoor environment with the mosquito net suitable for integrated use with the baby’s lap.

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