Red storage basket rectangular for suitable home organization

Red storage basket rectangular for suitable home organization


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Red storage basket rectangular is perfect for efficient use of the space in your home. Crochet cotton box is suitable for storing a variety of things like toys, clothes, accessories and many other items

Due to its square shape, the storage bin can be placed on a shelf, storage tower or racks optimally using the usable space.


• Size
– 7 4/5 * 5 7/8 inches, height 5 7/8 inches (20*15*15 cm)
– 7 4/5 * 9 4/5 inches, height 4 3/4 inches (20*25*12 cm)
– 9 4/5 * 11 4/5 inches, height 7 4/5 inches (25*30*20 cm)

• If you need a basket of other size, please contact me for a customized order
• Color – any color can be chosen from the pallet (see last three product photos)
• Basket is made of 100% cotton yarn, eco friendly material that will last you for many years
• Care – washable in a washing machine or by hand
• Won’t lose its color and shape during using period
• Safe for using by kids or pets

At your request, the baskets can be supplemented with handles, both knitted and leather, ornament, or pattern. To discuss all the details, please contact me.

At FAQs you could see:
– How to care your basket
– How to make a custom and personalized orders
– How to pay your order
– Sizing and color features


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The color may vary slightly because of the reproduction of your device
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