Crocheted square storage basket

Crocheted square storage basket


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A knitted box of chunky yarn is an excellent “tool” for organizing an order and efficient use of the space.

Crocheted boxes are spacious and suitable for storing a variety of things: toys, clothes, accessories and many other items.

Due to its rectangular shape, the storage bin can be placed on a shelf, storage tower or racks optimally using the usable space.

Storage basket crocheted manually from high-quality cotton thread. A crochet basket will be a great addition to any room of your house and will give it a special charm.

The crocheted storage basket holds its shape well thanks to tight knitting and high-quality yarn. The box can be machine washed.

At your request, the boxes can be supplemented with handles, both knitted and leather, ornament, or pattern. To discuss all the details, please contact me.

You can present this set of crochet baskets to your mom, daughter, friend, or other people! They will definitely enjoy this unique and necessary gift!

Such a square basket can be given for any occasion: mother’s day, housewarming, Thanksgiving day, Christmas, children’s parties and others

100% cotton yarn
The basket can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.
– 7 4/5 * 5 7/8 inches, height 5 7/8 inches (20*15*15 cm)
– 7 4/5 * 9 4/5 inches, height 4 3/4 inches (20*25*12 cm)
– 9 4/5 * 11 4/5 inches, height 7 4/5 inches (25*30*20 cm)
Any color can be chosen from the pallet (see last three product photos)
Order now a gorgeous woven organizer in AnzyHomeShop and enjoy its style and usability features for a long time!

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